M   E   N  T  O  R

Multiple levels of mentoring are incorporated into StrongHER TogetHER.

Community Leaders

Community leaders are always eager to share their expertise and their stories with the StrongHER TogetHER girls.  They represent any number of fields - surgeons, florists, civic and government staff, attorneys, yoga instructors, science teachers, coaches...and lots more.

 Student Leaders

Many local college students offer hands-on opportunities for the girls to get an upclose look at higher learning in-progress. Anything from technology to sports to the arts.  StrongHER TogetHER is also supported by our Youth Representative Team, a group of junior and senior high school students who are passionate about our mission and excited to work with the girls throughout the year.

StrongHER TogetHER Leaders

Our group leadership team are the ever-present coaches, ready to listen, guide and cheer for the girls through the inevitable hills and valleys of growing up.


Women from the community, college campuses and our own program provide a mentoring template for the StrongHER TogetHER girls.  We then encourage the girls to employ these same mentoring skills in their own relationships, whether it's via our big/little sister program or small moments they encounter everyday.