Our vision has been shaped over the years as we've listened to girls in our program, their families, teachers and countless women leaders in the community voice support for our mission and our continued growth.  Never did that vision seem more important than International Women's Day in 2020 when we shared the World Economic Forum's projection with followers...208 more years to go until women in the United States closed the gender gap.

Little did we know, months later, the Lever for Change / Equality Can't Wait Challenge would lament that same projection and present us with an opportunity to bring our vision to life.

When Duke University's Fuqua School of Business approached us to talk about our respective ideas on reshaping the future for women and girls, the potential ties between our programs and our paths forward were overwhelmingly evident.  Like StrongHER TogetHER, Fuqua was already taking steps to unify the efforts of women via their WE CAN LEAD initiative. In addition, both of our programs were actively engaged in mentoring efforts, advocating for intersectionality and elevating leadership aspirations for girls and women. What struck both of us was the other's undaunted commitment to aggressive progress, broad scaleability and fast tracking equity.

The StrongHER TogetHER, WE CAN LEAD programming centers are our unified answer to undeniable, impacting change for girls and women by 2030.  A model programming center in Durham, NC will allow us to effectively replicate centers throughout the U.S. in areas with similar demographics, corporate and higher education profiles.  In keeping with our competencies and experiences, these centers will serve young women between the ages of 10 and 30 and will offer constructive mentoring relationships spanning age, race and socio-economic boundaries, also serving as a hub for research, resources and advocacy for women.

StrongHER TogetHER and Duke University's Fuqua School of Business are excited about bringing our vision to life. Together, we will Open minds.  Connect resources.  Create leaders.  


Change the future.


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