Veshana Ramiah, M.D.


A child of Apartheid, Veshana knows firsthand what it takes to achieve in the face of adversity. From her earliest years, she moved forward hand in hand with other girls, who, like her, were shooting for the stars.  


Today, Veshana is a well-respected oncologist with Duke University Hospital.  And those girls from long ago?  They have achieved their dreams, same as Veshana.


And their friendships with one another are stronger than ever.

Stacey Donoghue


Jack of all trades, master of none.  That may be the best way to describe Stacey.  With a background in engineering and business and an affinity for writing and painting, she has covered a good bit of ground over the years.  But no matter what she’s been up to, Stacey has loved kids...the tales they weave, the easy way they see things, the sheer depth of them.


She's determined to hang out with them as long as they'll have her. Because as far as she's concerned....they're the best humans.