The StrongHER TogetHER family is growing every day!  And we offer many ways for students, families, community leaders, professionals, corporations, non-profits and more to join in!

                   Whether it's funding for a fifth grade snack or summer camp for all the StrongHER TogetHER girls, your dollars make our mission possible! 

                   Looking for board experience and an opportunity to offer expertise (or even advice!) for a mission you believe in?  Check us out!  

                   Interested in co-leading a group of StrongHER TogetHER girls?  What about our Youth Representative Team, a cohort of 11th and 12th grade mentors?



                   Are you a woman in our community with a story to share?  expertise to teach?  wisdom to encourage and motivate girls in our community?  Let's talk!

                   If you're a program or corporation and you would be willing to work with us in partnering for activities for the girls, let's connect and see what we come up with!

                   Wanna be in a StrongHER TogetHER group?  Check out how the nomination process works!  And families of StrongHER TogetHER girls? Come join our Family Advisory Team and help us build the very best program we can for your amazing girls!

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