StrongHER TogetHER teaches girls to stick matter how different they are.  Girls enter our program as rising fifth graders from various backgrounds, zip codes, cultures, socioeconomics, you name it.  Together through high school graduation, girls in a StrongHER TogetHER group learn how they are the same, how they are different and most of all, how to become women who will change things.  Today, our program is represented in 17 area schools.

Over the course of eight years in the program, our girls will experience any number of "firsts"; they will develop mentoring relationships with some of the Bull City's most amazing women; they will undertake community service projects; but most of all, they will learn what it is to trust, support and have everyday fun with other girls who are nothing like them.  And everything like them, too! 

Your financial support for our girls is vital. Whether it’s transportation costs, camp counselor fees or lunch for some hungry kids, this learning comes at a cost worth every penny. Join our efforts to raise $8,000 in support of the StrongHER TogetHER girls.  And the women of tomorrow, too.

StrongHER TogetHER is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Tax ID 82-1595797.