Here are just a few ways your dollars can support StrongHER TogetHER:


buys food for a StrongHER TogetHER girl during one of our activities


buys materials for a summer camp craft activity


buys all food, admission fees, materials and bus transportation for a StrongHER TogetHER activity


buys an annual board planning retreat


buys StrongHER TogetHER summer camp

Looking for other options besides a one-time donation?

Join StrongHER TogetHER's CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and make a monthly donation!  Click the DONATE button and select the option for recurring support.

Are you a restaurant?  Donate lunches for a day of summer camp or a StrongHER TogetHER activity!  

Email us!

Are you a performer or performing group?  Give a benefit performance for StrongHER TogetHER while we promote, attend and cheer for your show!  

Email us!

Would you and a group of friends / co-workers be interested in sponsoring A YEAR of programming costs for a cohort of StrongHER TogetHER girls?  10 friends contributing $300 each does just that!  

Email us!

If you don't see something that feels quite right for you here, but you still want to donate, contact us and let's get creative!  There's always a way to align your means of support with the needs of our program!  We would love to brainstorm with you!