Connecting Our Community

Think of all the girls who never meet one another thanks to school walls, culture, zip codes, socioeconomics, etc.  When we stay in our comfort zones, it oftentimes becomes easier to dismiss or even snub people who aren't like us.  At StrongHER TogetHER, we make a concerted effort to  brings girls together from all over our community.  Girls are nominated by school counselors as rising fifth graders and remain in their small group for the next eight years, until high school graduation.  Although many of our girls move and change schools for various reasons, the StrongHER TogetHER group is not impacted by this as we look to provide a steady, safe place of stability for the girls, no matter where they are.

Today StrongHER TogetHER girls come from 22 elementary and middle  schools in the area.  As we teach girls the importance of sticking together, no matter how different they are, we believe the very first step is community outreach and solid connection.