StrongHER TogetHER began as a trifecta of experiences led two friends to brainstorm how to move past mean-girl stereotypes and instead connect girls with one another. The hope was to create a network of diverse youth who not only understood their advocacy for one another was their strength, but also that their strength was a formidable tool in the quest for gender equity.  


Today StrongHER TogetHER is in over 20 area elementary and middle schools. Girls in our program represent various backgrounds, cultures, socioeconomics, you name it. Through mentoring, service learning and just plain fun, the girls see they are more the same than different.  And through introductions to activism and anti-racism discussions, the girls are finding their voices in support of one another and in support of the world.  


We are proud of our partnerships with schools, universities, non-profits and families alike.  This community team is showing girls how to become strong women who see one another differently, how to collectively advocate for their own equity and most of all, how to change the world for the better.  Together.