Our Mission:  Teaching girls to stick together...no matter how different they are.

Ever wonder why alienating words like catty and snarky, drama and cliques are almost always associated with girls?  Ever wonder how things might be different if they weren't?


StrongHER TogetHER is a program for girls who may be different in a thousand ways, but who share a heart for forward progress, acceptance and most of all, each other.  We offer our girls an opportunity to pursue their dreams, but to pursue them alongside girls who are cheering for them start to finish.

Here's how it works:

StrongHER TogetHER girls enter the program as rising fifth-graders and are nominated by area non-profits (Kidznotes, Durham County Public Schools, East Durham Children's Initiative and Durham Academy).  In an effort to offer the girls stability and support during the adolescent years and also, to encourage solid relationships, each group of girls remain intact through high school.   


Group cohesion and friendships are nurtured in any number of ways.  Summer programs are especially designed for StrongHER TogetHER groups.  Fun is the focus.  And hidden beneath that fun are the seeds of friendship - ready to grow, ready to encourage one another in the pursuit of passions and the inevitable challenges of middle school and beyond.  

During the school year, quarterly WOMEN OF DURHAM programs offer our girls the opportunity to meet local entrepreneurial and professional women.   These women share their storieS with an eye toward the power of girls together vs apart. As StrongHER TogetHER girls progress into high school, we look to these same women as tremendous career mentoring resources.  


Through it all, StrongHER TogetHER girls learn about selfless support and the power to make a difference.  

Well on their way to becoming the confident and amazing women of our future.  


Poised to shatter.


Stronger. Together.